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About The Author - Oscar Wilde

The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 character sketches of The Invisible Man, Mrs Hall, Mr Hall, Mr Teddy Henfrey, Mr Cuss, Mr Bunting, Mr Jaffers, Mr Marvel, Hunchback, Dr Kemp, Colonel Adye, Mr Heelas and many more The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 plot summary, Chapter Wise Summary and Analysis of The Invisible Man Novel CBSE class 12 The Invisible Man Novel Complete and important study material Author Biography
Oscar Wilde, or Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde, was born on 16th October 1854. He was the son of William Wilde (later knighted), a surgeon, and Jane Francesca Elgee, a writer who used the pseudonym Speranza. Wilde attended both Trinity College in Dublin and Oxford University, and later settled in London. He was an Irish poet and dramatist. Wilde wrote many plays including, according to many critics, the best comedy play of the nineteenth century, the farce The Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde also wrote fairy stories, short stories and one novel. Wilde was born i…