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The Persistent Blood Stain

The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 character sketches of The Invisible Man, Mrs Hall, Mr Hall, Mr Teddy Henfrey, Mr Cuss, Mr Bunting, Mr Jaffers, Mr Marvel, Hunchback, Dr Kemp, Colonel Adye, Mr Heelas and many more The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 plot summary, Chapter Wise Summary and Analysis of The Invisible Man Novel CBSE class 12 The Invisible Man Novel Complete and important study material Welcome By Mrs Umney
The Otis family was welcomed be Mrs. Umney, the house keeper. They were ushered inside the mansion and offered tea.

Blood Stain
Mrs. Otis noticed a dull red stain on the floor just be the fireplace and ordered the stain to be cleaned. Mrs. Umney explained that the blood-stain dated back to 1575,the day Lady Eleanore de Centerville was murdered by her husband, Sir Simion Canterville, and it could not be removed. Washington quickly declared that Pinkerton's Champion stain Remover and Paragon detergent would definitely remove this persistent stain. Before the houseke…