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Character Sketch

For example: The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 character sketches of The Invisible Man, Mrs Hall, Mr Hall, Mr Teddy Henfrey, Mr Cuss, Mr Bunting, Mr Jaffers, Mr Marvel, Hunchback, Dr Kemp, Colonel Adye, Mr Heelas and many more The Invisible Man Novel cbse class 12 plot summary, Chapter Wise Summary and Analysis of The Invisible Man Novel CBSE class 12 The Invisible Man Novel Complete and important study material The Canterville Ghost’s charactersMain characters: The ghost, Virginia and Mr. Otis
Secondary characters:Washington, Mrs. Otis, the twins, Duke of Chesire and Lord Canterville, Mrs. Umney, gypsies an Rev Augustus Dampier. If we consider this story as a fairy tale, we can define the characters by means of their functions, the typical ones of the traditional stories according to the famous categories devised by Propp and the structural literary analysis.
Characters in chapters 1 to 4Functions: Protagonist:Mr. Otis Antagonist:the ghost Object:to turn out the ghost Protagonist’s he…